Is it possible to identify a phone manufacturer/model using bluetooth discovery?

I would like to know if it's possible to know the manufacturer/model of a phone via bluetooth, using bluetooth service discovery or some other method.

Calling service discovery I can just find if the mobile phone support OBEX or other functions: I can guess to have found a nokia phone if there is a service called "Nokia data suite", or that the mobile phone is a symbian one just because there is a Symbian service exposed.

Somewhere I've read about some phone specific files I can request using obex file exchange than contains these infos. Is this true? Where can I find info about it?

I need to know more info I can so I can send to found devices specific content (java games, images, wap over bluetooth, etc.)

Many thanks for any help.


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First, you can know the manufacture from the Bluetooth device address (MAC) .. by comparing the first three bytes with these:
download the text file for ALL manufacturer..  Since the first three bytes are given by IEEE.

There is NO STANDARD way to detect the model of the device.. however, since e.g. Nokia has more than one given number(three bytes), some people try to define each model according to release date of the manufacture , e.g:

Nokia 7610 - 00:11:9F:xx:xx:xx
Nokia 7610 - 00:13:70:xx:xx:xx
Nokia 7650 - 00:02:EE:xx:xx:xx
Nokia 7650 - 00:60:57:xx:xx:xx
Nokia 8910i - 00:0E:6D:xx:xx:xx
Nokia 8910i - 00:02:EE:xx:xx:xx

.. see this forum-topic (I dno't understand russian, but i found it! ) : 

About obex, when you pull the 'default object', some devices provdie xml file with information about the device.. USUALLY contain the model!

fabiobondAuthor Commented:
It's exactly what I was searching for. Many thanks
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