corrupt zip files

need help restoring backup files which were created by genie backup manager software.
i have lost some of the sequential files in the overall backup sequence.
the software vendor knowledge base claims that the almost 2-gig backup files are really
a zip file and should be able to unzip with any winzip type utility.

problem and a question is i get the zip files, unzip them and all files come out great but with
an extra extension.   for example document.doc gets extracted as document.doc.genc file.
i rename the file to document.doc and even though the file size, creation date is fine the
file is unreadable.  this applies to all files extracted this way.  anyone had any experience with this?
or what is a good zip un-corrupt utility out there?

thanks in advance.
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:

Unzip the source file again with Winzip 10
Greetings, mutter223 !

You can use FreeZip to unzip the files

Winzip is the mainstay of compression industry

Best wishes!
mutter223Author Commented:
thanks for your replies.   will try tonight and post the results.
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mutter223Author Commented:
just a note, i used winrar 3.5 to open the backup files.   does winzip open these files differently?

Are the backup files RAR or ZIP file?  Winzip will open ZIP file.
mutter223Author Commented:
The Genie Backup files are named *.001 *.002 ...
Total number of files were 20, each about 2 gigs.

I have lost some of these files in the set, and per Genie support folks these files
are simply a complressed files which could be opened by winzip./winrar.

after doing so the data files form the zips get extracted, but i cannot read them.

Wooky JackCommented:
what i recommend is installing Winrar.  Opening up one of the rar files and click Extract To.  The window that opens up contains an option at the lower left that says "Keep Broken Files"  check that off then unzip the files and let it run until it is completed.

Did that fix them?
Win RAR opens zip files fine, sometimes better than the zip program.  Recommend you use winRAR for these sequential backups and restores.
mutter223Author Commented:
sorry, tried all suggestions.  the winrars and winzips (including 10) nicely unzip the files but the files are unreadable.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
ok.. last chance software..

use STUFFIT (unstuff) by Alladin.

Be careful what extensions you choose to install... make sure ONLY ZIP and nothing else.

Is there anyway that you can recover the missing sequensel files from Gennie Backup Manager?

You can use these recovery programs.

PC Inspector  
Active Undelete  
Flash Recovery  
TestDisk & utilities

Recovery My Files  
Restorer 2000  
Easy Recovery  
Zero Assumption  
Providing you have the professional version, and hopefully at least version 6.x.  Open Genie Backup and go to Tools/Advanced Tools/Genie Eyes and decrypt all the backup files after unzipping them (by changing the main file extensions to .zip).  This process will decrypt and make your files usable.


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mutter223Author Commented:
thanks klossie.  that unlocked all the unzipped files.  guess genie uses some kind of proprietary decrypting method to keep
files safe even after unzipping them!
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