Windows Server 2003 Small bussiness edition problem.

Server OS is Server 2003 Small Busniess Edition
Have 2 PC's both using WinXP Pro
Computers are wired to a Belkin f5d9230-4
DHCP is Enabled.  I can ping the server and both computers.
I can get the 2 pc's to talk to each other, but can't see the Server on the network.
They were set up on a wireless LAN but switched back to
cables because of the poor performance.  When they switched back to a wired network, they were not
able to see the server.  I have reviewed the set up on the server.  Everything that should be shared is shared.
The permissions are set properly.  The permission are set properly.  They are also using SQL.  I can see the IP's of both PC's in the DHCP Client list for the router.  I just can figure out why I cannot access the server from either PC. Help
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FYI you've posted your question twice.  You may want to contact the moderators have them back one off to consolidate answers.
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