Demoting an old 2000 DC and joining to different domain as member server. 500 POINTS

OK heres the situation,

2 domains

1. domain.local
2. newdomain.local

domain.local is the old domain and consists of one DC thats hosts one application. I want to demote it and join it to the newdomain.local as a member server.

I've rearched the links below but would like an experts opinion.............especially about any real world issue not discussed by Microsoft...........;en-us;q332199;en-us;q216498;en-us;223787&Product=win2000;en-us;255504&Product=win2000
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Hi jscott1979,

have seen numerous issues
1) DCPROMO is buggy and doesnt always work - usually woks with the drcpromo /forceremoval switch
2) when you demote it, use ntdsutil to clean your metadata before repromoting

thats about it!

jscott1979Author Commented:
I'm sorry,

domain.local is the 2000 server i want to move to newdomain.local

newdomain.local consists of 2 2003 DCs and 1 2003 Exchange server and 1 2003 member server. 4 in total all 2003.
Are there any other computers joined to the old domain, apart from the DC? If there are you should first part them from the domain before you demote the DC - Unless there are more DCs in the old domain.
From my experience I never had problems demoting servers though I've only dealt with small domains.
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