I need to upload a file with wput to my ftp server

I need to upload a file to my ftp server.  I need the proper syntax to upload a file named "clients.txt" to my server.


How can I add "clients.txt" to that directory?  Will it automatically overwrite the other "clients.txt" on that directory?

Thanks so much

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I suppose this will work and overwrite the existing files if any:
wput clients.txt ftp://smarty:pants@myserver.com 
fmwebschoolAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your answer. let me try :)

fmwebschoolAuthor Commented:
That does not seem to work.  If I have the file "clients.txt" on my "C" drive and I need to upload it to:


What would be the exact syntax I would need to use?

Thanks :)
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If it is in your main C drive directory try:
wput c:\clients.txt ftp://smarty:pants@myserver.com
or you can try to copy the file into the directory where wput program is and to try again the first version of the command:
wput clients.txt ftp://smarty:pants@myserver.com
Hi LeeTutor,

I think my comment answers the question.
Thanks for the answer!
I completely understand you. And I agree that we cannot say if my comment has helped the questioner. Although I think in general it answers to the question that the asker has asked (also having in mind the link you've mentioned above).
And I absolutely agree that the site owner(s) has the right to decide (or recommend) what is "correct" even if it is not for someone.
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I agree, Stephen's answer most likely answered the question. I was having the same issues as fmwebschool. Stephen's answer, though not the clearest worked for me. Full details follow:

The code snippet shows 2 (sterilized) wput commands. The first command fails with a "Failed to change to target directory" message. Notice the line:

--23:11:51-- `C:/Downloads\updatelog.txt'   => ftp://user:xxxxx@

This means wput attempted to transfer c:\downloads\updatelog.txt to
[FTP site]\c:\downloads\updatelog.txt

This is what causes the error, subdirectories \c:\downloads do not exist below the root of my ftp server. The easiest solution is to move the file (or move wput - it's tiny) to the same directory. This is what I did before issuing the second, successful wput command.

C:\wput-pre0.6>wput C:\Downloads\updatelog.txt ftp://user:pass@f.control.net//
--23:11:51-- `C:/Downloads\updatelog.txt'
    => ftp://user:xxxxx@
Connecting to connected!
Logging in as user ... Logged in!
Failed to change to target directory. Skipping this file/dir.
FINISHED --23:11:57--
Transmission of 1 file failed.

C:\wput-pre0.6>wput updatelog.txt ftp://user:pass@f.control.net//
--23:18:28-- `updatelog.txt'
    => ftp://user:xxxxx@
Connecting to connected!
Logging in as user ... Logged in!
Length: 144
100%[===================================] 144
23:18:30 (updatelog.txt) - ` 1021B/s' [144]

FINISHED --23:18:30--
Transfered 144 bytes in 1 file at 56.54B/s

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