RightFax 8.0 Outbound Document Conversion Recommendations\Best Practices

We have RightFax 8.0 Enterprise Edition, with the PDF Module.  Our developer has put together a system that delivers faxes through RightFax to our customers.  It works 90-95% of the time, but the failures are adding up, and have set many of our users against using it, so much of the advantage is lost.  This is what we are seeking to improve upon.

We are presently taking a variety of document types (.doc, .pdf, .tif), converting them on the developer's side into PCL files, and then stuffing them into the RightFax API.  We are planning to experiment with the PDF module over the weekend, setting up the server-side app conversion to deal with postscript or plain PDF files.

Does anyone have any experience in using RightFax this way?  Which type of conversion is the most reliable?  I can have our developer go with PCL, PS, straight PDF, or any other option compatible with the RightFax API.  Performance in terms of speed is very much secondary to reliability.  Our usage isn't heavy, and if our users have to wait 30 minutes for it to go out, that's fine, just so long as we KNOW it will go out.

Thanks in advance.

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We used PCL with RightFax and never had any failures.
AppMgrAuthor Commented:
Must be nice.  The problem does seem to pick on certain lengthy PDF files, but I can't seem to pick out a pattern.  These files come to us from three different sources, both in our organization and from outside.  The majority go through without a hitch, but some are fighters.  In all cases we've been watching, the files are undamaged (can be opened, viewed, and printed normally) but consistently fail to convert when they get to RightFax.  Each failure does generate three Application event son the RightFax server.  Maybe someone can make sense of these.  They all come in under Event ID 3314, and come from the WorkServer services:

1: CvlCP5Cr:Return from execution (0x19, 0x0, 0x3F, ''). Time for call = 0 secs.

2: CP:Error (0x19) converting PCL-5 (attachment #0).

3: CVL:Failed: 'Error (0x19) converting PCL-5 (attachment #0)'.

Have you contacted Captaris about it?  Maybe you could send them a sample PDF that isn't converting along with some logfiles.

We used their support when we had problems with our cover pages and they were very helpful.

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AppMgrAuthor Commented:
We have dealt with them in the past, but they do charge, and version 8 has been end-of-lifed.  I suppose it might be the best thing to do.  If I don't get anything better in a day or two, I'll accept that.
AppMgrAuthor Commented:
A quick updates before I take javajaws recommedation:

The problem has been very rare over the last couple days.  The only concrete thing I can point at is that, in the process of trying different variations in the WorkServer services, they rebuild themselves each time.  Really just a guess, but that, and activating the postscript converts (which are NOT being used here) are the only changes I left in place.  thank you for the advice, javajaws, sorry if I sounded like a jerk in my responses, but I'm a jerk.
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