TZ170 Global VPN client. Unable to access network resources on LAN

This issue might have been answered before but I would appreciate a answer/solution to this problem.
 I have got a TZ170 with wireless and  unlimited users installed and it is running as DHCP server. It is connected to a Sonicwall SOHO at another location with point to point VPN which works fine. The wireless end users can access the LAN and connect to all resources on both LANs. On the TZ170 there is 11 Global VPN client licenses registered. The group VPN policy is configured to act as DHCP server for VPN clients. The  LAN consists of a NT4 PDC, 1 BDC and 4 Win2K servers. There is a WINS server in use and no DNS.  When I tested the Global VPN client with this configuration I could connect to the LAN, I can view the workstations on the LAN in Windows explorer, I can ping workstations on the LAN. I can not access any resources on any of the Win2K servers and or any of the Win XP Pro workstations on the LAN. I can access Win 98, Win NT4 servers on the LAN via the VPN client. When connecting to Win XP Pro or Win2K servers I get the following error message: "\\Computer is not accessible. You might not have permission tho use this network resource. Contact ... The network path was not found."
If I use a lmhosts file on the Global VPN client computer I can use Outlook to connect to the Exchange server on the LAN. However I still get mentioned error message when trying to access resources on the LAN.
When using the previous Sonicwall VPN client with the SOHO model we did not experience any of these problems. Numerous support calls to sonicwall failed to resolve this issue.
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Do your VPN client PC's know that there is a WINS server on the LAN, when the VPN is loaded, what does ipconfig /all tell you about WINS?  (You can configure the DHCP server on the TZ170 to tell client PCs where the WINS server is).  Are your W2K machines regiseered with the WINS server?


MalnickAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment. Sonicwall tech support (USA - California) confirmed that the configuration is correct the way we had it. The problem was resolved with a firmware upgrade.
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