Cannot Save Custom Paper Sizes button Grey Out

I recently switched my users from local Administrator users to Power users.  Some of my users have an OCE TDS plotter installed locally to their machine.  When the user tries to create a custom paper size they are not able to save it.  The save button is greyed out.  I have given that specific user full rights to the printer on their local machine, but still no luck.  Is there another spot I must give them full or additional rights?  I do not want them to be a full administrator of their local machine.  Any ideas?
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I've seen more than a few drivers that require you be an admin to save things like custom paper sizes. The reason is that the driver stores the data in the registry (most likely HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers\<printer name>\PrinterDriverData), which is inaccessible to non-admin users.

You might want to confirm that this is where the custom paper sizes are stored. If they are stored there, it may be possible to give them rights to that key. It depends on whether the driver is doing an admin check and greying out the button or doing a permissions check on the key and greying it out.


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Custom settings are also often saved in windows\system32, and Power users may not have write permissions to this folder.
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