RIS and ghost

I need some help with integrating ghost image into RIS to distribute images throughout my network(XP, and 2000 clients). Below are what I have:
1. RIS 2003 server installed and tested working fine
2. Ghost enterprise 7.0 is installed on RIS 2003 server
3. I have XP and windows 2000 images created by ghost but don't know how to use RIS to distribute them.
4. I also created PXE boot image from ghost enterprise 7.0 and it works fine. I just don't know how to get RIS to push preexisting ghost images to my network pc.   Any help please.... if you have instruction how to use ghost with RIS, please provide me one.  I will give out 125 points for this one
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Interesting ideal, but iI don't think it can be done. Ghost and RIS are very different technologies and can't really be compared directly. Ghost installs an image directly while RIS boots an OS image over the network

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It can be done, I know of a few companies that do it.  All I know is that you need to boot with PXE from the network, pick type of install, give name to machine and credentials etc.  Sorry I can't help with the details, I just know it can be done and what it looks like in the process.
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Both suck. I use the SMS OS Deployment Feature. It works beatifully!!!
Use the "Ghost Boot Wizard" which should be on the start menu under ghost (it might be different in your version but it is there on the version we have), select PXE network boot (or something like that.) when it asks you about network card drivers. It automatically creates a menu item on the RIS boot menu. If you need any more information I can post again on Moanday when I'm back at the office.
Once you have set up the RIS to use ghost, use the "Ghost Cast Server" (also on the start menu under ghost) on the server to select the build you want to send out and set a session number. When you boot the machines into PXE boot enter the same session number as you entered into the "ghost cast Server" and the build will be send to that computer. You can also use this method to upload an image of the computer instead.
RIS acts as the ghostcast server in this instance. The RIS server pushes the image to the machine that has been booted to the RIS client using PXE. The hitch is to get the workstatio to boot to the PXE environment and not the OS. BIOS needs to be set to get PXE boot image from RIS then RIS sends the ghost image to the HDD using Ghostcast server.
My company just uses the unicast feature to slam an image on a workstation if we need it. Mostly if the workstation has the console client installed on it.
johneycheng2004Author Commented:
Hello Acsell,
 i did pretty much everything that you described on your comments. I used Ghost Boot Wizard to create "PXE network bootdisk" for older type of PCs that don't support PXE boot option and to create "RIS boot menu" for all three image types(Dell gx110, gx280 & GX580). and starts Ghost multicast server Enterprise 7.0, which installed on wins2003 RIS server and with Ghost Cast “session name” defined. I can boot my dell boxes by using either PXE boot or PXE bootfloppy and get the DHCP - RIS - login - see all three RIS boot menus(gx110, gx280 & GX580) -  able to select the menu options i wanted, and than ghost.exe kick in on client pc - I select multicast option in ghost.exe from client pc and type in the exact Multicast "session name"  as the Ghost cast server but it returns unable to connect to ghost multicast server error. Here is the interesting part 1. When I setup ghost multicast server without RIS service install, I don't have problem to connect to multicast server with the corresponding session name. However, I have problem once the RIS service is installed on Ghost cast server. 2. Even if I able to connect to Ghost cast server with RIS installed, I still don't see how Ghost enterprise can load multiple images at once. It looks like you can only load one image at time on ghost enterprise console. I need the ghost cast server to make all the images available all the time, so I can select which images I want for different pc models. Maybe I am missing something on ghost cast server as well. Can you help on this with detail if possible? Thanks.
johneycheng2004Author Commented:
Hello Stafi,

Your link looks interesting. I will read it and try it on Monday when I return back to work. And let you know how it goes.
johneycheng2004Author Commented:
I know there is a way to use ghost with RIS and Powerquest drive image with RIS as well. I have seem them all befor in other network environments.
johneycheng2004Author Commented:
Any more help please
>>  I still don't see how Ghost enterprise can load multiple images at once. It looks like you >>  can only load one image at time on ghost enterprise console.

Yes, you have to set up a new session each time you want to send the image out (As far as I know).

To send multiple images you have to set up several instances of the ghost cast server each with different session names. But you still have to set up a new session and click "Accept Clients" each time you want to send an image out.

>>  create "RIS boot menu" for all three image types(Dell gx110, gx280 & GX580)

With ghost, you just need to create the one boot menu option if you want to enter the session number in manually at the client. The build that is sent is determined by which build is selected on the ghost cast server.

If you don't and you want it to connect to a different session name depending on which build you choose in the RIS menu then you have to enter the command line options for ghost.exe during the ghost boot wizard and tell it whch session to connect to there.  

johneycheng2004Author Commented:
Sorry guys, I just want to let you all know that i am still working on Stafi method. So far so good, it looks like Stafi link will work and give me what i wanted.  Stay tune.....
johneycheng2004Author Commented:
Hey stafi, Your link works great. Now that i can do exactly what i wanted for my network environment. My company is purchasing RISME software. My last question for you is - how can i hardcode domain logon user name and pwd in the script.bat to automate the universal TCP/IP boot image process without prompted me to reentering pwd again?
That's a different question...
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