Raid 5 on a supermicro with linux

I have a super micro Model 6022P-8R running Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 3 (Taroon) with six drive U320 36gig. It is configured with hardware raid5. Question, Is there software to monitor/manage the raid. Also one of the drive has failed and need to replace it.  Anyideas on the procedure?


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The RAID Controller manufacturer should have included on CDROM or have it available for download from their website.  

If this is the optional Adaptec 2010S there is a version of Storage Management Software for Linux.
agi_davidAuthor Commented:
Thanks,  Yes, but i didn't find one for Redhat. Only for SUSE and SCO UNIX. Also we don't have the CDROM from the manufacture. D you have a link where it is?


David A.
Is this adaptec?  Which model number?
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Looks like the latest version.

If the one you have on CDROM isn't an rpm package you should be able to install it using the SuSE instructions.  It looks like this is built from source code so it's more flexible on what system you can install on.
agi_davidAuthor Commented:
this is the ourput from /proc/scsi/dpt_i2o/0

more 0
Adaptec I2O RAID Driver Version: 2.4 Build 5

Vendor: Adaptec  Model: 2010S            FW:3A0J
SCSI Host=scsi0  Control Node=/dev/dpti0  irq=11
        post fifo size  = 255
        reply fifo size = 255
        sg table size   = 56

        ADAPTEC RAID-5           Rev: 3A0J
        TID=526, (Channel=0, Target=0, Lun=0)  (online)

        SUPER   GEM318           Rev: 0
        TID=519, (Channel=0, Target=6, Lun=0)  (online)
OK, so the link should work even though your card isn't specifically mentioned.  It's covered under the backward compatible statement.
agi_davidAuthor Commented:
Thank I will try that ,

Thanks  for all your help!
agi_davidAuthor Commented:
Is there away to get the software with out registering it. We don't have the original CD from that controller?

To answer the other question, if your raid subsystem is hotswappable, just get another HD of the same type and replace the bad one with the new one. The rest should be automatic. If it isn't automatic or hotswappable, shut the server down and replace the 2 disks, then turn the server back on and use the hotkey sequence to enter the raid controllers configuration tool. Now make sure the new disk is accepted and ready to rebuild. depending on the controller you will have to add it to the array, but for most SCSI raid controllers that is done automatically, and the array will either get rebuilt during the startup sequence or when the OS is already up.
Why would you not want to register it?  It's the easiest way to get the software, if you don't have the CDs

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agi_davidAuthor Commented:
Unfortunetly the software didn't work. Either way I have replaced the drive.

Thanks for all your help.
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