Outlook 2003 'use to do it', but now it doesn't anymore (notification of message options)


I can remember for CERTAIN in the past when I would use Outlook 2003 to send an email to someone AND I changed the OPTIONS for that individual email to be both LOW priority and PRIVATE in nature ... I would 'see' this status inside of the open window that I am writing the email in.  It was that 'standard' type light yellow status bar, and it would position itself right below the formatting toolbar (I think that is where it was at).

Now, when I draft up and email, and when I change the options, I do not SEE them 'displayed' anywhere inside of the message.  I can tell the message is either LOW or HIGH because its 'ICON' on the formatting toolbar looks like it is 'pushed in' .... but you have to look VERY close to see that.

I would like to know how I can get the 'yellow' status indicator back that would tell me "This Message is marked as Private".

Any thoughts?

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David LeeCommented:
Greetings, pugdog_fan.

I don't remember seeing one when sending.  It shows up in the received message though.

pugdog_fanAuthor Commented:
I think you are right ... If I look in my SENT items I see the options listed in a grayish black status bar.

Also, I setup a field in my inbox to show not only the priorty of the message, but also the sensitivity of the message.

I guess I was 'wrong' ... I could have SWORN when you set an option like 'personal' it would populate inside of the draft.

I'll leave this one open for a bit, and if I get no answer(s) ... I'll close it with you as the solution!
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