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Enabling TV Display in XP

I have a Dell Precision M70 laptop with XP Pro. The video card is NVIDIA Quadrox FX Go1400.  I want to be able to connect to a TV to watch downloaded movies and to display family pictures.  For the latter, I need to output simultaneously to the TV and the screen, so I can sequentially select the files I want to display.  I connect to the TV using a single cable that runs audio and video.  I have reprinted below the instructions from the M70 Users Manual for TV display. (It assumes a GeForce instead of a Quadro video card.)  The NVIDIA manager (in control panel), when I am connected to a TV, allows me to select either the laptop or the TV as the primary output device while the other is designated "secondary."  If I designate the TV as primary, I lose all output to the laptop, so I can't select files to display.  Moreover, if I disconnect the s-video cable, I still have no output to the laptop.  I can't even logoff.  For example, Ctrl/Alt/Delete will not bring me a shutdown option.  The Fn/F8 key will toggle between CRT/LCD but that does not appear to work as a TV/laptop switch.  Is there a way to do this?

Enabling the Display Settings for a TV in Microsoft® Windows® XP
NVIDIA Video-Controller Card
NOTE: Ensure that you properly connect the TV before you enable the display settings.
1.      Click the Start button and click Control Panel.
2.      Click Appearances and Themes.
3.      Under or pick a Control Panel icon, click Display.
4.      Click the Settings tab and click Advanced.
5.      Click the Nvidia GeForce tab.
6.      On the left side of the menu, click nView Display Mode.
7.      Click Clone to enable the television.
8.      Click Apply.
9.      Click OK to confirm the settings change.
10.      Click Yes to keep the new settings.
11.      Click OK.
2 Solutions
Plug in the TV, right click the desktop, choose properties, choose the settings tab.  You'll see two monitor picutres with 1 and 2 respectively.  Click the 2, then check the box that says "extend my windows desktop onto this device".
the manual looks ok to me.

did you select the laptop as your primary display?

try also to disable the hardware acceleration. if you are using WMPlayer go to tools, options, Performance tab, then slide the hardware accelaration to left (0).

try also to disable the theatre mode just to check if the clone will work when thetre mode is off. it is usually on by default.

just to add, theatre mode is under overlay settings. (i think. sorry i am using ati)  :)
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hmm thats not how I do this netsmithcentral , extend my desktop that is, I use clone .. video  mirror, dual view depends on the different cards .
 I know some folks do it this way  I prefer clone, otherwise it moves around, some also drag the screen over and off the desktop to the 2nd.
Did you get a manual doctortony ?

I use my nvidia card to watch avi movies from my computer to the tv as well :)

OK clone is good, lets concentrate on the cables..
well maybe you could bring your laptop real close lol.

What you need is an adapter to extend the s- video out cable the one supplied is too short. and also for the audio video left and right. You can buy small db adapters to suite both and they are expensive  some extra s-video out cable and audio these are not too expensive, join them all so they now reach the tv.
Take your video cable in with if necessary.
You can find these at any Tandy or electrical store. If you in asutralia Dick Smith, etc.
ok once you have these, now it depends what kind of tv you have, some do not have the right plugs or are being used by cable tv and dvd players and vcr, etc
if you have spare tv plug into video in and audio in, red yellow and black for video, put the tv to AV.
On your desktop r/click properties settings advanced, click on you rnvidia, and the side panel expands, in the video choose clone,
check the tv settings wizard and use Pal for australia or whatever your country is.
You must have the video cable and audio cables plugged in to have these options.
There is also a wizard.
In the video overlay choose  full screen on 2ndary dispaly, this way your desktop will be small and the tv full screen, apply.
when you now r/clcik the desktop you will see your monitor the one you are looking at and default monitor, default monitor is the 2ndary one please dont touch it.
Thats it.
you will need a small player if playing avi, I found media player classic the best.

If your tv has no spare plugs
the way i got round this cause my 86 cm tv all the plugs are in use, so I bought a very cheap vcr, these very cheap now, and have front  s-video cable and audio plugs so you can plug your computer into the vcr, just connect them into the front of vcr.  then the  rf out to tv.  set the tv channel to zero or 0 and tune it in to vcr by playing a vcr tape..  on the vcr choose>> AV,  tv channel o and your set once again.
you should see your desktop on the tv.

Its pretty type intensive so I hope you can gather enough tips form this.
Use your manual and with the right drivers it is pretty simple.
good Luck Merete

doctortonyAuthor Commented:
Actually, I used the advice from netsmithcentral and from Merete.  I extended the desktop and used the clone option.  It worked.  Thanks.
cool have fun.
cheers Merete

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