make restricted admin account for specific OU

I need to make a user account that can change and reset passwords for a specific OU.

But that's it.

So if this user was to open "Active Directory Users and Computers" and visit the OU they had permission to change passwords on, a given users properties page options would be greyed out *EXCEPT* for the "Account is locked out" check box in the "Account options" section of the "Account" tab and they would be able to right click a users account and change it too.

I know I have to create an OU to put this quasi-admin in, but I'm not sure how to construct the permissions.
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You'll need to install the adminpak.msi on the restricted admin's machine; this will not only give you access to the ADUC console, but you can create a customized MMC task pad that doesn't leave much room for errand clicks.
And you don't (necessarily) need an OU to put the restriced admin in, you need an OU where you put the users in the restricted admin is supposed to be able to control. In principle, permissions in AD don't differ too much from NTFS permissions.
Check these articles:

HOW TO: Delegate Administrative Authority in Windows 2000

HOW TO: Create and Edit a Taskpad View in a Saved MMC Console in Windows 2000

Default Security Concerns in Active Directory Delegation

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Delegating the "Unlock Account" permission is nohing you can do with the Delegation of Control Wizard; check this article, and ignore the part about editing dssec.dat as you're running W2k3:
How To Delegate the Unlock Account Right
mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
Use the delegation wizard in AD Users and Computers.

RC the OU and select Delegate Control.  You can go through and select custom tasks they will be allowed to do in this OU.
Wow, just browsing though and noticed the excellent reading material, thanks =)
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