Outgoing spam monitor / limiter

(I mistakenly posted this in the Solaris area, when it is more of a sendmail problem)

Once in a while, a user decides that his/her message is important to the world and sends it to many more people than they should be.

Is there a tool that you have used to monitor email through sendmail to limit the amount of mesages sent from a single user?

Thank You for your help
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You could easily write a quick perl or shell script to pull lines from the raw maillog log files and count them; you could run this by a cron job on a nightly basis.  Might that be sufficient?
arthurjbAuthor Commented:
Still waiting for another answer
arthurjbAuthor Commented:
Although I am happy that periwinkle replied to my question, the answer is not what I was looking for.  

I do not know how to withdraw a question.

What should I do?
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Well... noone wil bother to answer you if you ignore the answers. What is wrongwith the above answer?
The key word in this site is communication: You need to tell the experts that you still need help and what is wrong with the already proposed solutions.

Changed recommendation: Delete - points refunded
arthurjbAuthor Commented:
I think I was rather clear when I said;

"Is there a tool that you have used to monitor email through sendmail to limit the amount of mesages sent from a single user?"

The only reply suggested that I could write a script, but I am looking for an existing tool that I could use to do the job.
Shrug - perl, grep, wc, and cron are all Linux tools that you could use to solve your problem - it's probably a 5 line script.  If you had more questions about my response, I would have been glad to given more details.  I thought you were just looking to see if there were other tools available.

Your message IS a bit cryptic; monitor and limit are two very different tasks;  it's not clear from your question which you want to do - that's my fault for not mentioning.

(disclaimer: I don't particularly care one way or another about the final disposition of the question)

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If you felt the question was not answered - why award the points?  What is it that you actually want to do?  At least let me help you answer your question!
arthurjbAuthor Commented:
I am going to redifine the question and repost it.

Your answer was a direction that I may have to look at if I cannot find a single tool or product that will allow me to monitor the outgong email.

Thank You..
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