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I have a custom application built with VB.NET it is a timeclock application that stores in and out punches with a biometric time clock and a MS SQL Server 2000.  The app was built on an xp pro machine and it creates itself as a service.  I want to put it on a Windows 2003 Server.  I compile it with the correct information.  Using the commandline Installutil.exe Actatek_GO.exe and it gives me this information and it installs just fine.  Then I go to the Admin Tools > services and try and start the service and it gives me this error:
Could not start the Actatek Test Clock Monitor service on Local Computer Error 1069: The service did not start due to a logon failure.
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mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
Depending on your SQL security you may have to change the username/pass the service runs as.  With SQL windows authentication you will need to make sure you grant the user that runs the service write access in the database.  

Go to computer management, services, DC the service, go to the logon tab and provide a domain account with access to SQL.
Are you running the service as a particular User ID on the domain?

Does the service require to be run as a certain ID or privilege?

Check the local security policy (start, control panel, admin tools, local security policy) for the "logon as a service" and make sure whatever account it is using is listed in there.
cpursley1979Author Commented:
My super set the accounts up and according to him they have that access.  I am talking about the domain account and the account on the SQL Server.  But I am still getting that same error.  I don't have adnib rights to grant those privelges.  Got any other ideas?
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Well, the domain account used for the service will need the "logon as a service" right, or it won't start.  Someone with admin rights will need to add that.
cpursley1979Author Commented:
Please keep this open I am still working on this.
cpursley1979Author Commented:
This is not abandoned.  Please keep open.
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Please add more information so that the experts can help you further, or close this question and award points to those who helped you.  If you close this question, there is nothing stopping you from asking another question at a later date when you have more information.

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