Desktop Setting in Group Policy

Hi Experts,

I have two group policies, one on the computer OU and one on the users OU.  The Computer OU just has a few basic settings.  The User OU Group Policy has all the office settings and some Windows Setting including the desktop.

I have the Active Desktop Enabled, the wallpaper specified and the style is center.  Nothing Else is Enabled or configured.  The Desktop wall Paper is applied to all users and they can not change the settings.  See Below.

Is there a way to apply the wallpaper to all computers, but allow them to change settings?

Thanks to all.


Computer Group Policy - Computer Configuration
                                         Administrative Templates
                                              Network/Network Connection.....
                                              System/Group Policy
                                             Windows Component Update
                                User Configuration
                                             Internet Explorer maintenance

User Group Policy - Computer Configuration
                                       No Setting Defined
                            User Configuration
                                      Desktop/Active Desktop
                                                Active Desktop Enabled
                                                WallPaper Defined
                                                WallPaper Center
                                      Microsoft Office Settings

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Juan OcasioConnect With a Mentor Application DeveloperCommented:
Unfortunately, if you set the Active Desktop Wallpaper Property, this will set the policy for all users in the OU and it will Prohibit them from changing it.

JoeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you doing this from a 2003 server???Even if you do this on a XP pro machine with the Admin pack you should be able to set Active Desktop not configured to prohibit changes. It sounds like you may be doing this directly at a 2000 server.

Juan OcasioConnect With a Mentor Application DeveloperCommented:
I take that last statement back try going to Admin templates/Control Panel\Display and set the Disable changing wallpaper policy to disable.  If this does not work, then no you cannot do it.

bilalahaAuthor Commented:
I am on 2000 Active Directory, but have one 2003 Server and making all the changes from 2003.

I am trying to force a corporate desktop to all users and was able to by setting the wall paper to all users 2000/XP Pro.  I wanted to allow users to change it after it was set.  If I Turn it on, allow all users to update and then turn it off, it seem to keep the wallpaper and allow users to change it if they wish.

Thanks Jocasio and Joe.

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