Using Mutex Vs Semaphore

Hi Experts,

I need to protect some data in a multi-threading/multi-processing enviorment.  What syncronization
mechanism should I use.  What is the difference in using Semaphore vs mutexes.  
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The difference between mutexes and semaphores basically is that a mutex only grants access to the secured resource exclusively for *one* thread/instance/request, whereas a semaphore has a pin count that would allow multiple threads/instances/requests.
hi thanesh,

have a look at this:

hope it helps :)
thaneshAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, I remember reading somewhere that a mutex only protects within multi-threads and semaphore can be used across different processes.  Is it right?  
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No, both can be used across process boundaries. Only CRITICAL_SECTIONs are limited to a single process.

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Hi Jkr,

//  No, both can be used across process boundaries. Only CRITICAL_SECTIONs are limited to a single process.

But Mutexes are used to protect critical section, so I see some conflict in the statement above.

Please correct me if I'm wrong ?


Hi jkr,

If you mean critical section objects that are used to synchronize threads , I understand your point.

Please forget my above posting.

If you are in a UN*X environment and therefore don't grok CRITICAL_SECTIONs, and you are using pthreads library (i.e. light weight processes), you are working within the user space, which doesn't cross into other processes.

If you are using System V IPC, your semaphore objects (sem_get etc) are in the kernel space and these can be seen by multiple processes.
Mutex allow only one person at a time to enter CRITICAL_SECTIONs but a  semaphore restricts the number of simultaneous users of a shared resource up to a maximum number.
A mutex object only allows one thread into a controlled section, forcing other threads which attempt to gain access to that section to wait until the first thread has exited from that section

A semaphore allows more than one thread to enter CRITICAL_SECTIONs up to MAX, and push remaining threads to queue.
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