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apache logs referrer showing "-"

I'm pretty sure my log files are configured correctly. I'm using apache 1.3 and the preset combined format that is already set in the config file. when I look at my access log though, in the referrer slot I see "-". does this just mean the referrer ip wasn't in the original request? i've linked to the site from google, for instance, and did not see any reference to google in the log. any ideas?


1 Solution
can  you try with this one to store the referer and the user agent in your logs
LogFormat "%h %l %u %t "%r" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\""
jacobbdrewAuthor Commented:
that's what I'm using. (except with the escapes before the quotes around the request reference: r)

any other thoughts? i'm running a virtual host--- maybe that has something to do with it? or the fact that it's coldfusion. i really have no idea. this does not seem like it should be to complicated.

jacobbdrewAuthor Commented:
okay. i just added a straight html page to the site and linked to it and the referer showed up in the apache log. but links directly to coldfusion pages do not record the referer. hmm... i'm increasing the point value for this bugger.
the refer(r)er  is unreliable, it may be removed anywhere on the way between the browser and your server (most likely for privacy reason), hence it is common/normal/legal that it is missing in your logs
ahoffmann beat me to it.  The log file simply displays what was reported to it as the referer;  if the browser, router, anonymizer, etc. doesn't provide the information, it won't be in your logs.

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