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Backup XserveG5 Xraid?

Anyone know of an enterprise backup so;ution for about 18 tb of data?
The data is images and the Xserve (osX) is file server.

We have fibre qualstar sait library with 3 drives and retrospect running on the xserve. Retrrospect will ony use one drive at a time. Full backup takes  6-8 days to complete. This really has an impact on production.

I have found many solutions but require a windows backup server and IP  backup. I need app that will run on the Xserve.

2 Solutions
For alternatives to Retrospect, I would have a look at Bru Server, you can start here.


There is a full blown demo you can download.  Otherwise look at Bakbone, but it is expensive.

Alternatively, perhaps break up your data if you can into that which needs to be backed up daily, i.e. changes often and that which is not changing.  Set the not changing data to read only for your users, back it up twice and then take it out of the daily backup schema.  Even if you use both tape drives concurrently and all other things are equal so you can double the throughput, a full backup will still take 3-4 days, i.e. half the current time of 6-8 days.  You could also look at faster tape technologies such as LTO-3 or look at SAN so that a different system can backup your data whilst the file server carries on doing its daily file service stuff.


James LooneySr. Programmer/AnalystCommented:
I use the unix utility rsync to backup my web and mail servers. Granted I am not backing up that much data, but it works quite well. You use it over ssh so it's secure. You can set a bandwidth limit if you want. try 'man rsync' in Terminal to read about it. If you'd like some examples, let me know.
Donnie4572Author Commented:
Thanks for the comments.
jwilding the "bru" looks like a good solution.

We have a $14,000.00 quote on the table for "Backbone" has anyone had any experience with this?

We are also looking at a gigabit point 2 point connection to remote site for off site replication. This seems to be the most reliable but I think it could also turn into a nightmare?

 jimjo95 would 'man rsync' backup to multiple tape drives Simultaneously?
If you plan to use rsync, that will best back up the data to another directory/or server.

If you want to back up to tapes that are physically on the X Server itself, have a look at the unix command 'mt'.
I'm sorry I can't offer more help, I'm at home and not infront of my X-Serve which is at work! I'll check tomorrow.
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