Ghost 8 over network using boot cd

Can I use Ghost 8 across the network using a bootable cdrom only (ie. no floppy disk on pc)?

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ArmyAntsAuthor Commented:
Tried different methods for building this but in the end here's what was done.  In the future this hopefully will become obsolete since Ghost 9/10? have windows compatible client software now and we'll have this version.

1. Assumptions/Problems:
Tablet didn't have floppy, but has a bootable usb cdrom
Using Ghost 8 so can't use a windows environment to run ghost (needed a dos startup environment).
Can create Ghost boot floppies for Ghost.
Can get tablet ndis2 nic drivers and are able to modify the Ghost boot floppies to startup properly with the nic (unfortunately need to burn cd to test nic drivers :) ).

2. Software used:
- WinImage (to import files from fixed Ghost boot floppy and to inject ghost.exe into \ghost folder)
- Roxio Easy CD Creator to create bootable cd from image file.

3. Steps:
- Created and modified the Ghost boot floppy from the Ghost Boot Wizard on the server.
- Got nic drivers from HP website and replaced *.dos file in \net folder and modified protocol.ini [nic] section with appropriate driver name.
- Used WinImage "Batch Assistant..." to import the Ghost boot floppy disk #1 (1.44 floppy).  Destination - set of image files, specify a name like ghostcd.ima in the "Set of image files" box.
- After importing these files, used WinImage to change format (Image | Change format...) of the image file from 1.44MB to 2.88MB (so I could add the ghost.exe program in the next step).
- Use WinImage to inject ghost.exe (Image | Inject...) into the image's \net folder.
- Saved the image file.  Should now have a ~2.8MB ghostcd.ima file.
- From roxio selected File | New CD Project | Bootable CD and used "Use Existing Image file" to import the ghostcd.ima (made sure to select Floppy Disk Emulation (2.88MB)).
- From roxio then burned cdrom.

Haven't tested it yet though.  If it works will close question :)
Do some research with BartPE.  This is a great utility and Ghost 8 can be added as a plugin.

You can make the disc a bootable CD.  The great thing about this all the NIC drivers for the different types of machines you have can be installed into the driver folder in PEBuilder therefore the one BartPE disk will work with all of your different machines.

Give it a look over it is actually very easy to create.

Hope this helps!

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ArmyAntsAuthor Commented:
I heard about BartPE but didn't think Ghost 8 could run from the Win/BartPE environment.  But after looking at the plugins directory seems like that would work too!  Thanks!
ArmyAntsAuthor Commented:
BTW the WinImage/Roxio method above worked as well on this particular pc.
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