either one of my drives are working

I have An Alien computer and have tried to get help from both Alien & Micosoft.  My cd drive and my dvd drive are not working no error message when you put in a cd it says that drive is not accessible.
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Are the devices seen in device manager? Do they have exclaimantion marks on them? Have you removed them from device manager and rebooted letting windows detect them again?
Again agree with MarkDozier.  Remove and reboot.  If this does not work likely drives are dead.
GILDA1Author Commented:
how do I do that?
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Lets assume you're using Windows 2000:

1.) Right click on My Computer
2.) Click Properties
3.) Click the Hardware tab
4.) Click Device Manager
5.) When Device Manager opens, click the plus-box next to "DVD/CD-ROM Drives"
6.) Examine the entries there and see if there are any yellow exclamation marks or red circles with an x there
7.) Click on each of the entries for your particular CD-ROM/DVD drives and press delete.  Confirm when it asks.
8.) Reboot computer and windows should redetect the drives.  If they do not, then you might have a bad set of drives.

Most Optical drives run on basic windows installer drivers.  The ones you are talking about should be no different.

Hope this helps you Gilda

To do what MarkDozier suggested you would:

To remove a drive (Windows XP)
- Right click on My Computer, Select Manage from the menu.
- Under System tools click Device Manager.
- Under DVD/CD-ROM drives right click on the drive that you would like to remove and select Uninstall.
-You can then reboot and let Windows detect them again.

If they don't appear under the DVD/CD-ROM menu then they could be dead.  
Hopefully this helps you figure it out!  Good luck
GILDA1Author Commented:
did this no luck, i even put different drives from another computer same problem
GILDA1Author Commented:
this was done and no luck, we even installed new drivers from another computer and then had the same problem
it sees the drives but will not work
Your drives are probably toast.
GILDA1Author Commented:
so now even if I get new drivers they will not be fixed. because I switched drivers from another computer and I still had the same problem.
I would say so, yes.
GILDA1Author Commented:
so what do you suggest I do?
The only thing you can do Gilda, get a different drive from another computer as a test that you know that works.  Plug it in place of one of the drives and see if it works in the computer that is not recognizing drives.
GILDA1Author Commented:
I tried that and it failed.  Now what.
Then there could be something wrong with the controller.
GILDA1Author Commented:
Meaning the port that you plug your IDE Cables into... Meaning a Bad MOBO...  Have you tried changing the cables?  Have you tried putting your CD/DVD on the other IDE Controller?
you go matricii. My thought exactlly
did you swap the IDE cable? it can be bad
Are the drives recognised in the BIOS? Restart the pc, press "del" (sometimes f2) look at the first set of stats. The two drives will probabley be "secondary master" and "secondary slave". If it says "not installed", alter the setting to "auto" and press enter. Are they being seen now? If not, replace the IDE cable. (Flat grey cable that plugs into both drives and the motherboard). It would be unusual for both drives to fail simultaneously.
Open My Computer and see if drives are listed with drive letter.  They will be under Removable Storage.

If not, try this (disregard Easy CD Creator, can happen without EZCD installed):


If drives are listed in My Computer, then change out IDE cable as suggested previously.

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GILDA1Author Commented:
to willcomp
Thank you I uninstalled easy cd creator and now both my drives work
Tell me why please
You really shouldn't have to completely uninstall EZCD unless it was a version prior to 5.3 running on XP.  The registry edit (upper and lower filter removal) in MSKB article should be sufficient.
GILDA1Author Commented:
Thank you anyway. the drives work now.
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