When To Use Windows 2000 Server Rather Than Advanced Server or Datacenter Server

Hello.  I am about to host a small training site for our team at work.  Our I.T. department has some unused W2K Server applications they will give us.  

My questions:

1) Will 2000 Server be able to host ASP 3.0 pages and a Microsoft Access database?
2) When would I need to use Advanced Server or Datacenter Server?
3) Would I actually need Advanced Server?
4) Would 2003 Server more beneficial?

Thank you.
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Hi lshane,

1) yes - no problems
2) Advanced server supports up to 8 processors and 8 Gb of RAM compared to standard of 4 - also supports clustering
3) you wont need it for what your doing - coz if you needed it you would know!
4) 2003 server offers a lot more functionality that 2000 server - mostly in regards to AD and security - always better, but 2000 should do what you need especially if they are lying around..

lshaneAuthor Commented:
Perfect.  Thanks so much!
no worries mate
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