Dreamweaver MX (not 2004) - Is there a way to save extensions and snippets?

Hello.  I have DW MX on WIN XP.  I have had to reload DW MX a few times in my time, and after each reload I have to reload all extensions and copy/paste my code snippets from all my saved text files (used in case of said reloads).

Is there a way to save the configuration for all extensions and code snippets, so when DW MX is reloaded, it will maintain all the snippets and extensions installed?  Perhaps a way to import from a "config" file of some sort?

Thanks so much.
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Not sure about just MX, but I have used it for years.  Mainly just site configs, but it may keep everything.


Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
Hi lshane,

Technically, your extensions are installed in the Extension Manager.  Whenever you reinstall DW or install a new version, all you need to do is run extension manager again and check the boxes for each extension you want to have in the new installation.

If you are performing a brand new installation of DW, you are out of luck.  You will need to copy all the mxp files over and run each one of them.

The code snippets are a lot easier to handle.  Read this page for instructions on how to back them up and restore them:


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lshaneAuthor Commented:
That' pretty much what I needed to confirm, jason1178.  It seems I heard one has to reinstall all the extensions on a fresh reload of DW.  The article was very helpful regarding the saving of snippets.


P.S. Thank you, rockmansattic.  The MM-Exporter looked OK, but it does seem to mainly save site configs, as you mentioned.  Thank you for your input.
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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:

Thanks for the points.  Just to clarify, if you are installing a new instance or a new version of DW on a machine that already has the extensions installed, you don't need to reinstall them.  You just need to open extension manager and select the version of DW you just installed and check off the boxes.

You only need to reinstall extensions if they haven't been installed on that machine before...
lshaneAuthor Commented:
Yes.  That is how I interpreted it.  I have had to freshly reload DW MX a couple of times, and it is time-consuming to have to re-import all the exensions, but I suppose that has a lot to do with some/many extensions require serial authentication.  Thank you much for the clarification.  I appreciate that.
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
Okay, great.

How often do you find yourself doing this?  Is it worth looking into a disk imaging program like Ghost to quickly clone a hard drive if you are setting up new systems for users?
lshaneAuthor Commented:
Not very often.  Perhaps only a couple of times a year.  No, I'm not setting up systems for other users.  Sometimes strange "Javascript" errors occur in the background with the application of certain extensions.  I find that the only way to rid myself of those is to completely reload DW MX.  This somehow flushes the conflicts out.
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
Meh.  I remember those...

FWIW, upgrading to DW8 removed a lot of those javascript crashes for me.

Good luck...

lshaneAuthor Commented:
That's good to know.  I appreciate your help.

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