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I have Sonicwall 2040 Pro Enhanced at several locations. I want to getinto VOIP. I believe i can achive it with my hardware. So looking for some help on how to do make it work.
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As you want to travel and use a phone then I would recomend that you dont use a VoIP that uses the SIP protocol as it does not work so well through firewalls and NAT devices. This basically leaves either Skype or the IAX protocol.
Skype requires a PC to connect through so that is ruled out.
That leaves the IAX protocol.

You can get an account with a provider which supports IAX (I use and then you can get a IAX bases phone or the cheaper method would be to get a IAX ATA adapter (The IAXY is a well known one).
Your question is not too clear.VOIP has got nothing to do with firewall. Firewall is used to filter network traffic. You can configure your firewall to allow VOIP traffic into the network. But you still would need VOIP Software/ Hardware to setup VOIP network.
intellie_exAuthor Commented:
K I got you..

Tell me, something then, If I want to set something up like...

I live in Canada, but i have a lot of relatives in Europe, and i travel there a lot, and make a lot of calls, how can i setup something where I can call from home with a phone to let's say Germany.
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