trouble getting to my calendar loging on remotely to companies server

I am using IE 6.0.2900 on Win ep pro, and when I remote into my companies server via remote log-on ( they have Windows Small Business Server 2003) I can see and use my mail but I can't get to my calendar, it just sits there saying its updating. the company IT guy asked me to download mozilla and I did, I can now see my calendar but I can' make any changes? can some one help. I would like to us IE but my IT guy stated he can't remember how or what to fix??

F. Peck
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are you connecting to your company network via a vpn or are your access it via outlook web access?
RCJAMAuthor Commented:
I go via http: to a IP address then click on remote web workplace, there I put my user name and password and then I beleive I'm in the company server?
Well since we didn't getting any further details from RCJAM, we can assume the articles provided helped direct them to a resolution.
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