I'm  using VPN and trying to connect to a secured server at work.  VPN status said Connected by, I can't view the website on my company. Default Gateway is the problem? I don't see number there.
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Please mention more information of the setup you have in your company. Also if your company's website is hosted internally, then you might not be able to use the public ip (like if you just use www.mycompany.com). It could mostly be natted to an internal address and since you are connected via VPN, you are just like inside your network.

So you should be able to access it by its internal name or ip address but we definitely needs more information about the whole setup.

Few things:

What kind of VPN is it, Cisco, Microsoft, SonicWall?

What is your company's website? Do you know the ip address of website? If so, can you access it with http://ipaddress ?
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