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We run a small animal shelter and need some suggestions on the quickest and easiest ways to put pictures in FrontPage 2003 and remove them.  The reason is because many of our pets only stay up for a short time and I need a way to change the pictures easily.  I am also looking at a way to enter some text about the animal - I have tried using Word documents, pdf documents, etc.  My idea has been to display a picture and when clicking on the picture, the description would come up OR have a template of some sort where I can put a picture and then a short description below it.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thank you.
Daren Anderson, MSISPresidentAsked:
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>>>easiest ways to put pictures in FrontPage 2003 and remove them<<<

Do you have access to the server?  if yes:

1- Open the web
2- Create a folder called PetImages
3- Import the pictures from your desktop
4- Insert the pictures on a web page
5- Create a text for each Pet on a separate page and give it a name associated to the pet.
6- Save the page
7- Go back to the picture and right click it,  select Hyperlink and select the text page that is associated with it.

Note:  create another folder and name it as OldPetImages to put the pictures and text in it after the pets leave the clinic. Maybe you need to use them later.

When you finish from the picture just go to PetImages folder and remove it from there and put it with it's associated text page in the folder OldPetImages in case you need to use it later.

The second way is using Access Database and ASP. This way is much more difficult but also much more dynamic and effective.  Let me know if you:  Have access to the server,  have access to the database,  your host supports Access, Frontpage and ASP.


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Daren Anderson, MSISPresidentAuthor Commented:
I am the webmaster and have the site hosted at; I believe they support the above.

Did you try my suggestions?
Daren Anderson, MSISPresidentAuthor Commented:
I am trying this now and sounds like it will work - can you provide more information on the Access and ASP or point me in a direction where I could get information to do this?  This is something I would like to do in the long run.  Thank you.
You are welcome,


Step 1
01- Create a database
02- Create a table inside it with info on the picture
03- One of the fields should be called HpLink
04- Other fields like, name, category, description ...etc
50- Import the database to your web
06- Tools > Web Settings > Database
07- Verify the database

Step 2
01- Create a new folder and give it a name - dbImages
02- Import all the images that you need into this folder
03- Open the database
04- Open the table
05- Start filling the data of the pictures
06- The hpLink field should have the HTML code of the picture itself like:
<img border="0" src="dbImages/1.png">
The database is in fpdb folder,  the images are in dbImages folder,  they both should be under the same level otherwise you should change the src path.

Step 3
01- Create a DRW
02- Select the Database
03- Select the table
04- Select the fields
05- After you finish double click on hpLink
06- Select field contains HTML
07- Save it

Open the newly created ASP page and you will see the data and the pictures.  This will list all the data. Selecting data based on certain conditions will require more work on sql.


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