What CPU to use ???

I am setting up shuttle system:

It is designed to run non-stop, so reliability is paramount;

It uses i-ram its quite big I have been told  4GB

???  Motherboard it depends on CPU  with 2GB Ram

It needs Network fascilities USB 2 etc.  

1 USB External HDD

No Video
No Sound

I found out that the CPU that was recommended gets very hot, which threw a curved ball need to reconsider setup

Thanks in advance

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What motherboard is it?

What cpu get hot?
reegsAuthor Commented:
Sorry I screwed up, currently buying 3 comp got mixed up.

This is for the Media Centre

Case: Silverstone Touch Screen Media Centre LC18

M/board:  ASUS  P5LD2 Sck 775 i945    

CPU: Pent4 631 3.0GHz 800MHz

Heard the CPU gets very Hot, should I get another combiantion ????
here the max temps for cpu's :


they say 64 to 76°C for your model
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If you're concerned about heat, you can always try to look for good heatsinks and fans. But that is really more of a concern when you're trying to get into overclocking than it is for normal usage.
I don't think you have a problem and that you should stick to your plan.
Any advanced CPU is going to get hot so the thing to do is ensure you have good cooling.
Use a good CPU cooler and make sure you have good air flow through the case.

Think about which fan is doing what and the locations of air inlets so you don't have and airflow path that bypasses the area of the CPU in the case.
~ For instance an 'in' fan or air inlet right next to an 'out' fan might send air in and out in a short loop without going -through- the case and past the CPU's cooler. If thast happens the CPU's cooler is just sending the same air in a circle.
~ Also if you use an 'in' fan that moves more air (CFM = Cubic Feet/Minute) than your exhaust fans you will be blowing air out the vents rather than them functioning as air inlets. (In engineering that's called positive ventillation, more forced in than forced out. In a typical PC case you would want a healthy negative ventillation which ensures air comes IN through the vents. The vents in most cases are located with that in mind.)

You can compare one Intel CPU to another by going here:
Look for the "Thermal Spec", it will be given in °C.

reegsAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks for your input, just one last question

What do you recommend as the best CPU for a Media Centre ??
A machine used primarily for playback doesn't -really need- much horsepower at all.
If you are going to do a lot of video editing that's when you'd need lot's-a umpth.
Either way you already FAR exceed the minimum requirements.

I won't be popular here for saying this but, by carefully selecting hardware and software combination you can actually edit just fine with an old 800 MHz to 1 GHz CPU - it will just be slower getting the job done.
With current software you'd be okay with a 2.0 GHz CPU with cache of 512k or better.
After about 2.4 GHz focus more on the cache than the speed.
My choice was a 2.8 GHz Prescott with a 1M cache.
It's faster than I am so I'm thinkin' I'll be good for like -years- with this one.....
(If I can avoid tinkering with it!)

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