need to load SATA driver at boot??

I am looking for a way to get the driver for my onbord SATA controller to load during the boot with the rest of my drivers.
I can load it manualy with the command:

modprobe viamraid

but its a pain to log in as root and run this command every time.
can anyone help?
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what linux distro?
create a script inside /etc/init.d/ and put those commands into it. Then make the file executable and make a symlink for it inside those runlevels you want it to startup in (/etc/rc.1 for level 1, up to rc.5 for level 5). Those folders might be in a different location, depending on your distro.

when you make the Symlink, it must the name must have an S to start with (S stands for startup), then a number between 01 and 99, where the lower number starts earlier. This you might have to finetune depending on what else loads, which might have to load earlier than that driver).
/etc/init.d/* may be too late for system to mount those drives.
Unfortunatelly various distros have various configurations for modules to be load no boot
debian: /etc/modules
gentoo: /etc/modules.autoload.d/kernel-2.6
and always You may instruct initrd image to load some modules automaically.
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First also I thought it might be too late then, but looking at the question, he loads it by hand now anyway, so there shouldn't be a problem loading late. All he wants is to load automatically without him having to change to root to mount it.
Add the command:

modprobe viamraid



This runs after all the init scripts.

mercury8001Author Commented:
my distro is slackware 10 r2
im somewhat new to linux. first installed it a year ago, but only been serusly paying atenstion to it for the last 5 months.
i'm looking to mount the drive from the fstab file. on boot since the drive holds all my music and other shared files.
when you say adding it to the rc.local file may be to late. do u mean to late to mount with fstab, if so is one of the other file requierd file.
all so last time i modified the rc.local the system refused to boot. and i had to restore the file from a backup. is there a syntax disfernce form a normal shell script?
thanx all for the fast replys
Duncan RoeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
On slackware, the file you want to change is /etc/rc.d/rc.local.
Add the modprobe command as others have already indicated.
> when you say adding it to the rc.local file may be to late. do u mean to late to mount with fstab
For slack: /etc/rc.d/rc.modules see, there is an example

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