Windows server 03 login

I have installed the win2003 server, i didn't assign any password for administrator, when i log into the win server i just log in as "Admistrator" with out password.
This computer with win2003 server connected with another XP machine via router, i have shared files and printer on this win server machine, everytime i try to log into win server, add priner from win xp machine i get "log in" pop up box.

What username and password should i enter so that i can log into share files, add printer on xp machine
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Hi joyjohn,

if this a Workgroup you will have to have identical accounts on each machine  ie. the admin acount and password must match...

The reason is because the client PC's user account that was used to logon on the xp does not exist on the server. Just add the user accounts to the server that match what is on the client PC's.
For example, PC1 logs in as karel without a password. You would need to create a user account with the username karel and leave the password blank. When you try to access the server from that PC, you should gain access without that logon box.
Take care with blank passwords, there is a security setting in Group Policy which can be disabled to allow blank passwords (i dont use blank passwords on a network)

joyjohnAuthor Commented:
hi there,

This is the first time i am playing around with win-server, could you please help me to create a user account so that i can test

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When you did not install active directory , you have a member server an will need to :

  Use the computer management tool to create a user
  All info you can find in the local help file on you server

When you installed active directory you need to use this procedure
You can create a new user account in Windows Server 2003 using the following steps:

   1. Click Start, point to Administrative Tools and click Active Directory Users and Computers.
   2. Expand your domain within the right pane of the snap-in.
   3. Right click the organizational unit in which you want to create the new user account, point to New and click User.
   4. In the New Object - User window type in the first and last name of the user (the Full name field is automatically filled in).
   5. Type the User logon name. Select the UPN suffix from the drop-down list that will be appended to the logon name. The pre-windows 2000 name is automatically generated. Click Next.
   6. Type in a password for the user account and select any password options. Click Next.
   7. Click Finish.
joyjohnAuthor Commented:
do i need to first setup my active directory?
you have no AD so far? what is your current setup and what are you aiming for
If a memberserver is ok for you, you dont need to install active directory.
joyjohnAuthor Commented:
actually i have just installed the win server 2003, it looks i need to setup AD first to create users is that right.
Is there any docs which helps me to setup this.
is it your only server?

if so then you can create users under computer management (right click my computer) and local users and groups
joyjohnAuthor Commented:

"you have no AD so far? what is your current setup and what are you aiming for"

I want to practice AD, thats my aim

"if so then you can create users under computer management (right click my computer) and local users and groups"

-->will this help me to solve my above printing problem
for now yes if you create the identical users

active directory ill make like much more fun for you

heres a couple more good links

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joyjohnAuthor Commented:
Thanks! i will review it.
Actually i am looking forward to learn AD to creat users account, set up password, change password etc

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Windows Server 2003

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