Disadvantages of VS.NET C# vs VC++ on non-web apps

I have been coding in c# for a while now, and have a couple "professional" scale stand alone projects coming up, they range from sockets, to database management and entry, I know basic c++, but was wondering the disadvantages of using c# vs c++....
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For critical real time applications C# can be slower than C++ applications. C# doesn't contain low-level stuff for talking with drivers, accessing some Windows SDK like Device Management Functions, inline Assembly etc.
It is difficult to use legacy code written in C++ directly in C#.

However, C# together with C++/CLI can be successfully used for creating desktop applications. C# can be used whenever it possible for UI, database, WEB access, file management etc., with all advantages of high-level programming using well designed language. Class libraries written in C++/CLI can be used to make low level operations which are not available for C#. These two languages together are good platform for creating Windows desktop applications, especially for programmer with previous C++ experience.

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For what you are describing C# is well suited for the task. There are applications for which C++ is much better suited but these are in the area of high-performance 3D applications, games, drivers, and things such as this. For network communication, database management, etc I agree with AlexFM, C# is very fine for that.

Perhaps the only other issue is that by using a .NET language, your client is forced to have the .NET runtime installed.
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