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Concatenate until blank cell


I have the following information on an excel sheet and i want a macro to concatenate the data untill the blank cell is found i have tried to explain it below


A      B      C      D      D
Folder 1      Folder 2      Folder 3      Folder 4      
Folder 3      Folder 4      Folder 5      Folder 6      Folder 7
Folder 1      Folder 2      Folder 3      Folder 4      
Folder 3      Folder 4      Folder 5            

Output required

I used Concatanate(CellA&"\"& Cell B&...etc)

Folder 1\Folder 2\Folder 3\Folder 4\
Folder 3\Folder 4\Folder 5\Folder 6\Folder 7
Folder 1\Folder 2\Folder 3\Folder 4\
Folder 3\Folder 4\Folder 5\\

I do not want the extra "\" in my output

Please can someone help me with a macro to generate the output without the extra "\"

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1 Solution
Patrick MatthewsCommented:
Hi Ram,

Add this new function to your workbook's VBProject, in a regular module:

Option Explicit

Function ConcRange(Substrings As Range, Optional Delim As String = "", _
    Optional AsDisplayed As Boolean = False, Optional SkipBlanks As Boolean = False)
    ' Function by Patrick Matthews, Matt Vidas, and rberke

    ' Concatenates a range of cells, using an optional delimiter.  The concatenated
    ' strings may be either actual values (AsDisplayed=False) or displayed values.
    ' If NoBlanks=True, blanks cells or cells that evaluate to a zero-length string
    ' are skipped in the concatenation
    ' Substrings: the range of cells whose values/text you want to concatenate.  May be
    ' from a row, a column, or a "rectangular" range (1+ rows, 1+ columns)
    ' Delimiter: the optional separator you want inserted between each item to be
    ' concatenated.  By default, the function will use a zero-length string as the
    ' delimiter (which is what Excel's CONCATENATE function does), but you can specify
    ' your own character(s).  (The Delimiter can be more than one character)
    ' AsDisplayed: for numeric values (includes currency but not dates), this controls
    ' whether the real value of the cell is used for concatenation, or the formatted
    ' displayed value.  Note for how dates are handled: if AsDisplayed is FALSE or omitted,
    ' dates will show up using whatever format you have selected in your regional settings
    ' for displaying dates.  If AsDisplayed=TRUE, dates will use the formatted displayed
    ' value

    ' SkipBlanks: Indicates whether the function should ignore blank cells (or cells with
    ' nothing but spaces) in the Substrings range when it performs the concatenation.
    ' If NoBlanks=FALSE or is omitted, the function includes blank cells in the
    ' concatenation.  In the examples above, where NoBlanks=False, you will see "extra"
    ' delimiters in cases where the Substrings range has blank cells (or cells with only
    ' spaces)
    Dim CLL As Range
    For Each CLL In Substrings.Cells
        If Not (NoBlanks And Trim(CLL) = "") Then
            ConcRange = ConcRange & Delim & IIf(AsDisplayed, Trim(CLL.Text), Trim(CLL.Value))
        End If
    Next CLL

    ConcRange = Mid$(ConcRange, Len(Delim) + 1)
End Function

Now use it like this:


That will concatenate the items in row 1, delimiting with a backslash, and ignore the cells with blanks.


Patrick MatthewsCommented:

The user-defined function I provided did exactly as the Asker requested.


ramkumar8516Author Commented:
Hi Patrick,

Thank you for the help, I was on leave for some medical attention on my shoulder and that is the reason i did not access the answers.  Sorry for the late response.

I appereciate your time and help,
Thank you once again,

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