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I have a program (through the courtesy of a GURU) that disables the showing of pictures in IE, so that all pictures are replaced with that little icon.  I am looking into selective disabling of the pictures through Internet Options.  I work for a call center and we take orders over the phone for one of our clients and we enter the order in the client's adult website.  Since the pictures are so graphic, we needed to disable the showing of these pictures.  However, by disabling the showing of pictures, the labels for the buttons needed to navigate through the order are also hidden which makes the it hard for our operators to enter the order.  My question is, how can I disable the showing of pictures without affecting the buttons?

I really would appreciate your urgent response on this.  Thanks very much.
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in internet explorer under internt option on the advanced tab take the checkmark out of "Show Pictures" under "Multimedia". this will disable showing of allpictures, but leaving the text links and buttons and labels for you to view. Also you can use firefox and download the extension that allows you to disable objects selectively. Pictures, rows of tables, tables, anything you don't want shown.

hope that helps
winpigletAuthor Commented:
What is FireFox?  Please elaborate a little bit.. Thanks...

read this it'll tell you.
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