Cbm3 calculations

have anyone know how do I have the values in cubic meter by length X width X high
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Sorry, what do you mean ?
If you mean to calculate how many cubic meters is a "thing" which is a parallelepiped and it has
length = X
width = Y
high = Z
then the answer is X * Y * Z.
If the "thing" is not a parallelepiped then you have to specify what exactly it is.
The question is not very clear. If my understanding is correct, you want to know why volumes are measured in cubic meters.
Length, width and height are measured in single dimension (meter/cenitmeter/inch etc). Let us assume that you decide to measure each in meter. Volume has three dimensions and therefore we have to multiply three single dimension data (length, width and height), each of which is in meter. Therefore, volume is measured in meter*meter*meter=meter^3, which is popularly called cubic meter. If you decide to measure the distance in centimeter, volume will be in cubic centimeters (1 cubic centimeter= 1 millilitre).
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motioneyeAuthor Commented:
Hi, But I would like to measure it by inch means  length*width*height= cbm3???, so what is the formula ???
1 inch = 2.54 cm = .0254m
so 1inch * 1 inch * 1 inch = 2.54 cm*2.54 cm*2.54 cm 16.387064 cubic centimeters or .0254m*.0254m*.0254m = 0.000016387064 cubic meters
If you are measuring length in inches, the volume will be in cubic inches(one cubic inch is the volume equal to a cube one inch on each side). If you want to convert it in to cubic meter, proceed as ozo recommended or convert the cubic inch as follows:
One cubic inch (cu in) = 16.387 cubic centimeter ( Cubic meter is a very large volume: 1 cubic meter= 35.314 cubic foot= 61,024 cubic inch)
motioneyeAuthor Commented:
Okey can I says that 1 cubic meter= 1meter length * 1 meter width * 1 meter hight will it be less or will it be more??

This is actually for ocean frieght calculation,,, I really need some hints how big the space of 1 cbm3
Yes you can.
1 cubic meter is exactly the volume of a cube with a side of one (this means all length, width and height being 1).
If it is only to know (or imagine) how big is the space occupied by a volume of a cubic meter you're on the right track.

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motioneyeAuthor Commented:
hmm that good if the 1cbm3 exactly as 1meter length * 1meter width+1meter height that easier for me to calculate the dimension and weight
Yes, although the weight depends not only on dimensions but on the density too.
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