Data (files) Recovery.

I have very important files in my PC.

I have Windows 98 (The files are in Drive D).
I have Windows XP Pro (The files are in Drive E).

If somehow my PC crashes or something similar later, what precautions should I take now to be able to fully retrieve all my files from my PC ?

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You should periodically backup your important files to a CD or DVD - especially if these files are ones that cannot be easily recreated.  I would use two CDs - one for the files on the D drive, and a separate one for the files on the E drive.

If you have a DVD writer, the I would use two separate DVDs for this back up exercise.  YOu will need to be 'religious' about doing the backup.


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BACKUP!  Oh and you should periodically check to make sure your backups are good.  There is nothing more heartbreaking than discovering that your backups were bad at a time when you need them.
2xtraAuthor Commented:
Yes BACKUP seems ok, is not there any software which can retrieve lost data or files ?
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Yes there are but it would be foolish to neglect proper backups now in the hope that such a tool will save you later.  They are tools of last resort and are not always effective.
2xtraAuthor Commented:
I would BACKUP - anyhow what are the file-recovery softwares ?
Since everyone has tried to stress your need to backup regularly,
This is always a good place to start:

I have had good luck with the following, although it isn't cheap:
2xtraAuthor Commented:
mr_egyptian : Thanks.
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