automatic online store

Do you guys think a well-marketed automatic online store would do well? There are many out there. Or is there something similar that you think would sell well?


Bob (weikelbob)
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I dont know if there is anything more simpler than oscommerce.

2-3 clicks in fantastico and you're ready.

What do you mean by automtic online store ?
Where user goes to the site buys the products and downloads after paying ?

Absolutely !

You just need the right products.

weikelbobAuthor Commented:
What I mean is an online process like OSCommerce except simpler where people can set up their own store easily
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Hi Bob,

I gather you mean to offer as a service to your customers an easy way for them to instantly setup an e-commerce store?  

If you have like a mini-reseller web host account, you could offer packages to your customers that would include their own domain name, web host, programs and then install a number of the available programs for the customer, give them their login password, and your done!  

For example, at they offer mini-reseller accounts for less then $20.00 a month and that gives you the ability to resale to others web hosting, even having your own branded look.  Moreover, you can install for a customer, in seconds, just like ASHISH mentioned using Fantastico which comes with all of your accounts.

To learn more about Lypha's reseller program, go here: <> and also ask around and do a search as there are many other very good similar programs.

Also, you can check-out Wild West Domains, a division of Go Daddy.  They offer an affiliate program where you can resell domain names, web hosting, and about 22 other hot Internet services and products.  It cost about $99.00 a year to be a Wild West Domains reseller.  I actually am affiliate myself and I make enough sales to pay for the annual reseller fee, and more, plus I can buy domains for myself for a discount.  

To learn more about Wild West's Domain Reseller program, go here: <>.  

Lastly, there are lots of other money making e-commerce scripts out there.  One I've been looking at is an Amazon store builder script that really gives you the feel all of Amazon's products reside on your own site.  It's called Associate-o-Matic.  It also includes a built-in shopping cart feature.

Visit here to learn more: <>

Anyway, I think where you're headed is into offering more Internet services for your customers and being a mini-reseller of web hosting and other products can help.  All of the infrastructure is there, you only need to package and sell it.  

Good Luck!

One of the problems with any turn key solution - you are not going to be able to please everyone.  We developed our own cart - very easy to set up, but every client wants something extra. Some are great ideas and some I would have never thought of.  Does it have a lot already - yes.  Can it have more - probably.  Don't try to please everyone, just try to work with them.  

weikelbobAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, you've been very helpful. There may be no reason to reinvent the wheel. That Lypha seems very useful. I think it will come in handy at some point. I'll keep it in mind. Thanks!
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