How to recreate this effect from page and have it resizeable without loss of quality?


I am trying to (re)create this effect, which can be seen on  the logo where it has three x three round circles  that makes a sort of .: figure, and that orange line underneath it which flies across.  I want to create the same kind of glass / gradient effect but I need to be able to make it bigger.  If I copy that image and try to resize it, it becomes pixely so i need to know how to recreate the effect or maybe something similar / better.

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In Photoshop...

1. Create a circular shape with the Ellipse tool
2. Double click the left side of the layer in the layers panel to set the color of the circle.
3. Go to the Layer menu, Layer Style, Stroke.
4. Drop the Opacity of the stroke to 0%
5. Click outer glow on the left side
6. Change the blending mode to normal, opacity of the glow to 50%, and color to black
7. Change the size of the outer glow to 8 (or whatever looks good to you
8. Click on gradient overlay
9. Change blend mode to screen
10. Enable revers
11. Change style to Radial
12. Change scale to 130%
13. With dialog still open, click on the circle and drag down and right until the white glare is where it was on the original item.
14. Click New Style, name it whatever you want
15. Click OK

Now you have a style you can apply to anything you want.
What graphics program are you using? Photoshop?
thyrosAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your comments and links.

Works nicely!
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