jsp and crystal report

In my web application i m using crystal report 10,tomcat 5X,oracle 10g,java,jsp

i need to call crystal reports from jsp pages ,and i need to pass java.sql.resultset object from my jsp pages to call crystal reports, i need help  about jar files that are imported in jsp pages ,used to integrate and call crystal reports from jsp ,where can i download these jar files from, are these jar files part of the crystal report .

what steps and setting about datasource i need to follow to make crystal report  accept the resultset object to iterate to display the data .
i mean i need to each and every steps to do this

waiting for reply........

with regards
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See here http://support.businessobjects.com/communityCS/TechnicalPapers/cr9_java_bean_datasource.pdf

It's just a standard ODBC source that you use the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver to access.
There are plenty of resources available on the Crystal Reports web site
kapildeepAuthor Commented:
well i need  to know the steps ,setting to make my crystal report accept datasource as java.sql.resultset  object.
Waiting for reply...............................................
Are you talking about this product:


This library is payed but it supports reports from CrystalReports and you can easily solve your problems with it.
Tell me if you use it or not.
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