Free up space, Windows directory

I'm trying to free up space on C: drive, and I've done it everywhere other than C;|windows directory.  There are a load of directories that are of the format $NTuninstallnnnnn$.  What are they, and can I get rid of them?

Same with a directory called $hf_mig$  that has about 50 subdirectories of the format KBnnnnn

Can I delete them manually, or is there a general cleanup program I can run?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Those NTuninstall... folders are backups that Windows creates when it applies updates.  I personally recommend you keep 9 months of updates so you can restore files from them if needed.  After nine months, its highly unlikely you'd jave to restore those files (after 6 months it's unlikely too, but I prefer the extra 3 months to be safe).  After 9 months, just delete the folder.

This article makes references to the &hf_mig& folder and files.  I would suggest the same policy for th folders within this one.

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joemzAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Can I move the NTuninstall files from C\windows to my D: drive, and if I should ever need them move them back to C for the uninstall?
You can also delete the content of the following folders if you have such ones
C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files

Also if you have not deleted it yet you can delete the content of
C:\Documents and Settings\[Your username]\Local Settings\Temp
C:\Documents and Settings\[Your username]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
And also about this one
"Can I move the NTuninstall files from C\windows to my D: drive, and if I should ever need them move them back to C for the uninstall?"

Yes, you can. Also you can archive these folders with rar or zip.
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