IP conflict in Windows!


i know that when this alert appears there is a one have the same IP address in the same LAN, but i wanna ask if there is a way to know whats that MAC address for this user. do you thank thats possbile.. ?
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Did you check the eventlog?
 as far as i remember, it will show up here.

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If you have another windows machine on the network.  Ping the IP address of the machine you want to identify so that the IP and MAC combination is added to the arp table.

Then from a command prompt type: arp -a

This will list the IP address and MAC address pairs that the machine knows of.
Valentin NikolovSystem and Network AdministratorCommented:

if your PC have a IP, the other PC cant  take the same IP  
(although the message is appeared)

if we have DHCP server in your local network

start run cmd

ipconfig  /renew  to renew your current IP address

Is your network using static or dynamic IPs?

Use the advice that Sainoelai has already mentioned. You could repeat a couple times... you might get a different result each time between the two machines.
NetoMeter ScreencastsCommented:
Just check the event log as jburgaard says.
The MAC address of the machine with the duplicate IP address should be there.

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