Only some gifs show... the rest don't

Hello, I am install XAMPP package (MYSQL, APACHE, PHP, ETC) on my Linux box.

I stalled PHPBB forums...  Everything is working functionally, but certain gifs don't appear...

I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why.  I have messed with permission on files, directory, etc...  nothing seems to work.

The weird thing is, all my small size size gifs appear, but the larger ones don't.  You can see this if you go to my website.

Also, I installed my home page at and my jpeg doesn't appear on it.

This is my first dealings with APACHE so please bare with me.  I have viewed my error_log file and the only thing I really found was favico.ico don't found errors and robots.txt not found...  

Do I need to configure Apache?   Could this be a horse power issue?  I am trying to run my website on a P133 old laptop... it runs great for what I need.  

Software is:

Hardware is:
P133MHZ 5380 Compaq Laptop
80mb of ram (Don't runs great...)
2.1 GB hard drive
NE2000 10mbits NIC

Please help!!!!!  I appreicate it...


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Try to set EnableSendfile in your httpd.conf to off:

EnableSendfile Off

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strongdAuthor Commented:
caterham_www...  I don't know how to thank you, you have helped me with something that stumped me beyond anything I have ever come in contact with.  This 1 minute edit job of httpd.conf, fixed my problem.   I appreicate all your help..   I am upping the points another hundred and giving them to you.  I have been stumped on this for 7 days, working 3 to 4 hours a night after I get off work, my wife and kids are mad at me for spending all my spare time in the garage with this web server/laptop trying to figure this out.  


I still can't believe it was that easy.... holly S*$&%

Thanks again..

I have one more question, can you recommend me a good book on Apache???

Thanks again, I appreicate it...  

Glad that it works.

I don't have any books about apache here, so it's quite difficult to recommend one. But I've heared that 'Apache The Definitive Guide' by Ben Laurie and Peter Laurie, published by O'Reilly should be a good one.

May be there's a library somewhere in your environment where you can have a look at those books?
strongdAuthor Commented:
Yes, I do have a library right down that street....   I guess I should head down there and see if I can find a good Apache book...

Apache - The Definitve Guide, maybe I need to look for that book also.

Anyways, thanks again for your help.

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