Not a valid Win32 application

Hi experts,

i created a very small program, with no extra components, created an exe
and some people now downloaded it.
Some of them (not many) get the error message when they try to run it: not a valid Win32 application.

This exe is only 88 KB in size.
If i use Installshield to create an installation package it grows to over 5 MB in size, which is pretty much unacceptable for such a small program.
(in redistributables in Installshield:
- Microsoft component category manager library <--> can not be unchecked)
- Microsoft OLE 2.40 for windows NT and Windows 95 <--> can not be unchecked)
- Microsoft Visual basic Virtual Machine 6.0 <--> can be unchecked)

Components that are checked in Visual Basic: None...
- Visual basic for applications
- Visual basic runtime obects and procedures
- Visual basic objects and procedures
- OLE Automation

Pretty much lost here....

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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
did they download the app with binary mode?
which platform are you on (Alpha, Intel)?

>If i use Installshield to create an installation package it grows to over 5 MB in size,
the problem is that VB's runtime dll is over 3 MB and actually contains all the things that are NOT in the .exe.

if you want a smaller exe without runtime dll's, vb is the wrong product, C/C++ etc will be better suited.

PaurthsAuthor Commented:
thanx for the respons, angelIII,
i'm using intel-platform

this makes me wonder why it is that some people get the error (a minority) and others don't...

These are in fact about 2 exe files, different ones.
program 1: a few people got the error (filesize was OK --> some even got the error when installing the setup-file created with installshield...)
program 2: everyone got the error, but it now seems that the exe-file was truncated. Its size was 15KB smaller than the original after downloading it.
I had a similar problem when posting an EXE for a vb app I wrote on my website. Some people it worked for and others it got corrupted when they downloaded. Zipping the file and letting them download the zip instead solved the problem for me.
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