Data Grid can they include a combo box ?


I am using VB.Net 2005, i am a Beginner to moderate experience.

I have a question i'm not sure if its about data grids or not but is the only thing i can think.

Can a data grid include a combo box in some columns ?  If so how - whats the code ?

What i am trying to do is read data from a CSV file, into a GUI for a user.  I wanted the user to be shown the column headings from the CSV File and include a combo box underneath each column heading, so the user can select the data type for each column (similar to access import, wizard).

This will be used for several different CSV files so the amount of columns that will be included is un-determined and not fixed so needs to be done programmatically.  

This is why i thought a data grid could be used because it has the scrolls bars would not matter how many columns there are as they can just move it to the left or right as needed. Also, although i have to admit i have never really used data grids i preume that it is easy to add another coulmn programmatically as needed ?

I am open to any other suggestions, though if there is anything better.


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Yes it can, you can create your own datagrid style.

Look e.g. at this site, or google for : datagrid combobox style


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yo_daz_ukAuthor Commented:
I am stugling a bot understaning what they mean.

Your link was for c# code so have been looking on google.  Not getting very far.

Any help ?
yo_daz_ukAuthor Commented:
I do not need a data grid i can simply use a panel for what i need.

I will award the points to Pocky although i really was expecting a much more detailed explanation for 200 points than look on google, or a link to a C# website.
Sorry if you feel left out on information, if you need help translation the example to VB.NET, I'm happy to assist
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