Windows XP puts 2 icons on the desktop???

A friend asked me to look at her computer.   She bought a lowe end machien that came pre-loaded with Linux.

SHE deleted the partition and reinstalled using Windows XP.

Any time she installs a program,  the icon goes to her desk top like is should.  BUT once you reboot and get back to that desktop there are 2 of them.

Same with ANY program you send to desktop to create a short cut.

If you delete ONE of the icons you cannot Delete the other....BUT if you reboot, then the 2nd one is now gone.....

Never seen this before.
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You have a double link to the desktop.  Look in documents and settings / her user name directory /desktop and see if there are double entries there.  If so, there is a hidden link back to the desktop that will be hard to find without scanning the registry.  If there are double links, delete them.  If the problem persists, suggest you reinstall XP for her, making sure you do a new install, not an upgrade.
mrchaos101Author Commented:

Strange,  If I go to USERS it says the name of hte user is  "G"

If I go to the c:\documents and settings\ it onlys lists a user named "Ginger"

If I open the desktop folder for Ginger there is NOTHING in that folder.

VERY strange.
check the Enviroment variables?? maybe there are like 2 path in %HOMEPATH% or something
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mrchaos101Author Commented:

Where do I check Enviorment Variables?
First, go to (in Explorer) Tools > Folder Options.  On View, select "Show hidden files and folders" and below that uncheck "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)" temporarily.  Now go back to Documents and Settings, and look under All Users at the Desktop folder.  If there are quite a few icons in there, you could try deleting them.

Next, in the address bar, type in %USERPROFILE%\Desktop.  Once there, see whether the icons you expect to see are there.  If they are, you should now log off and back on to see if the icons are back with only one of each.

(Oh, and Environment Variables can be checked from System Properties in Control Panel, on the advanced tab)

I'd also recommend going into Local Users and groups (Right click My Computer, then "Manage") and under Groups, remove her user from "Administrators" and adding her user to "Power Users"

This would give her the ability to install programs, but the programs would not use the All Users folder which just might get around the issue.
I would suggest to create a new user.
You will have to reconfigure the settings saved in your old profile but it definitely will save you time trying to solve the problem. If you want you can copy your old profile to your new user profile but there is a good change you copy the problem as well.

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