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I am evaluation PGP Corporation's PGP Desktop. However, I don't see how to confirm that it is working properly. In order to check that it is encrypting messages, I would like to send an encrypted message, and look at the ciphertext, to see that it is not the same as the plaintext.

But with the email function of PGP Desktop, the only way you can send is if the recipient also has a public key. During normal functioning, this is great, as it can be completely transparent. But how can I see a copy of the ciphertext?

I have tried sending to myself, and then checking on our mail server to see the copy of the message while in transit. While I can see that messages are encrypted, for some reason it is not working to decrypt such messages.

Any ideas?
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Tim HolmanCommented:
Use a network sniffer like, firstly to see what happens when you don't encrypt an email, and secondly to see what happens when you do.  
This guy did it by sending an email to his account, and then opening it with the Webmail interface.

jasimon9Author Commented:
For some reason, I never got the email notifications of these two responses. Check my spam filter, and not there either. Oh, well.

In any case, both of these suggestions have merit. The first one looks more complicated, as it apparently required an IMAP account to allow and additional web mail client. The ethereal tool I have used in the past. That could be an easy way to check.

In any case, I am going to split the points.
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