need help on set-up Call of Duty United Offensive for LAN/Internet server

i have 6 pc on LAN connecting to a router, all 6 pc have Call of Duty United Offensive installed on it.  i need to run a LAN/Internet server so all 6 can play.
can anyone help,
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Activision's Help page for CoD:UO

Is this just for LAN players or do you want to get players to join from the internet as well?  Performance will be affected the more players you have so make sure you host on your most powerful machine (Best RAM & processor).

Have a read through Activision's instructions & try setting a couple of machines up to begin with.  If you need more help post again.

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wh0amiAuthor Commented:
i tried the above options as listen server, but when others pc connecting to it gave me this error
couldn't load maps/mp/mp_uo_carentan.bsp

i'm running P4 3.4GHz
X800XT PE video card
is this qualify for running a dedicated server?

☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Check that the carentan map is in the correct location on the listen server and that all the other players have it.  Also make sure everyone who connects is running the same version.  

You could run a dedicated machine at that spec but the advantage of the listen server is you can play on that machine as well

Also see:

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Usually it means that they have installed call of duty but not cod:uo when they are missing the map.

Secondly, many times the cod installer kind of messes things up and does not copy all the packages to the pc. Check  your uo folder and see if they have all the packages they need.
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