Need a script to automatically save pdf instead of displaying in IE.

I need this script because I have to save hundreds of pdf's from the web.  What makes it even more time consuming is a lot have the same name just in a different directory.  It doesn't seem to complicated, but I do not know windows.  So here is what I need: When IE tries to load a pdf, instead of associating it with acrobat, I want it to send to a batch file that will automatically save it to a directory.  In addition I want the name of the pdf to include the last directory name, for example: ../project1/1.pdf to be saved as project1 - 1.pdf.
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Hi CptanPanic  I donot have a clue how to do this my curiosity got the better of me just wanted to ask why 100's of PDF off web pages./ from the WEB pages??
Why 100"s??  What are you doing?

CptanPanicAuthor Commented:
I need to download all the service pdf's for a vehicle, to make a single pdf locally.
ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
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Hi CptanPanic,

Look at URL2file.exe here:

If you know the directory and filenames, you can then build a pair of batch files which will save files directly from the web to your harddrive in windows.  The batch file could look like this:

:: GetList.BAT - get list of files
CD "\My Documents\MyProject\Vehicle1"
CALL getFile dir1 file1.pdf
CALL getFile dir2 file1.pdf
CALL getFile dir2 file2.pdf
CALL getFile dir3 file1.pdf
:: end of GetList.BAT

:: getFile.BAT - use URL2file.exe to get files from web to similar dir on harddrive
URL2file "" %1\%2
:: end of GetFile.BAT

Note the forward slash and backslash directory delimiters (web vs. Windows).  That's why we used two command-line parameters for dir and file separately.

Peace and joy.  mvan

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Sorry, to follow your example exactly, your getFile.BAT would be:

URL2file "" "%1 - %2"

I guess that's another reason to separate the last dir and the filename as individual parameters.  :-)  You can make your GetList.BAT file as long as you wish (as many files as you have the patience to download at one time).

Peace and joy.  mvan
I know that my solution for CptanPanic works.  I use it weekly.  Peace and joy.  mvan
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