Contrast and Sharpness Code using JAI

Plz tell me code of increase and decrease contrast and sharpen of image using JAI
i have write code for contrast it increase contrast accuratly but decrease code is not giving desired result
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You basically need to use a JAILookuptable, here's a function that helps you adjust the contrast and brightness of a picture:

public static PlanarImage setColor(PlanarImage source,
int red, int green, int blue,
float contrast,
float brightness)
// Time the process for performance
long beginTime = (new java.util.Date()).getTime();

// Setup the parameter block for the source image and
// the three parameters for the mean operation
ParameterBlock mpb = new ParameterBlock();
mpb.addSource(source); // The source image
mpb.add(null); // null ROI means whole image
mpb.add(1); // check every pixel horizontally
mpb.add(1); // check every pixel vertically
// Perform the mean operation on the source image
PlanarImage meanImage = JAI.create("mean", mpb, null);
// Retrieve the mean pixel value
double[] mean = (double[])meanImage.getProperty("mean");
// Average the mean of all bands
double sum = 0.0D;
for (int i=0; i < mean.length; i++)
sum += mean;
int average = (int) sum / mean.length;

// Create the lookup table based on the average mean
byte[][] lut = new byte[3][256];
for (int i = 0; i < 256; i++ )
lut[0] = clamp((average + (int)((i - average) * contrast)) + red + (int)brightness);
lut[1] = clamp((average + (int)((i - average) * contrast)) + green + (int)brightness);
lut[2] = clamp((average + (int)((i - average) * contrast)) + blue + (int)brightness);
LookupTableJAI lookup = new LookupTableJAI(lut);
// Setup the parameter block for the lookup operation
ParameterBlock pb = new ParameterBlock();

// Calculate processing time and report
long endTime = (new java.util.Date()).getTime();
System.out.println("Time to set colors was " + (endTime - beginTime) + " ms");

// Return the resulting image
return JAI.create("lookup", pb, null);
Another function that could help you:

public void processBrightContrast(int ipParam, Image pImage){

Image mImage = pImage;
//Create parameter block
// java.awt.image.renderable.ParameterBlock mPB = new java.awt.image.renderable.ParameterBlock();
//Add image source to parameter block
// mPB.addSource(mImage);

byte lutData[];
lutData = new byte[256];
for(int j = 0; j < 256; j++)
lutData[j] = clampByte(j + ipParam); mLookup = new;

// mPB.add(mLookup);

java.awt.image.renderable.ParameterBlock pb = new java.awt.image.renderable.ParameterBlock();
pb.add(mImage); // mImage is a normal image here
PlanarImage im = (PlanarImage)JAI.create("awtImage", pb);

try {
// Process the brightness/ darkness mRenOp ="lookup", im); //mPB, null); <---- this is where the debug crashes

src = this.toImage(mRenOp.getAsBufferedImage());
catch(IllegalArgumentException e)

Also, check out the JAI programmers guide here for more info:

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