Recreate priv1.edb from stm file and log files


We have an SBS2000 server.  The priv1.edb file was residing on a different hard drive from priv1.stm, pub1.stm, pub1.edb and the log files, and this hdd has failed.  We do not have a backup of the priv1.edb file that we can recover.  Following a chkdsk the file is reported as 0kb.  The public store reports as clean using eseutil, but nothing I have tried works with the mailbox store as the file is obviously invalid.  The E00 log file is valid and I have about 3 months of transaction logs.

Is it possible to recreate the priv1.edb from the intact stm file and transation logs?  This is obviously the main objective, but failing this can I recreate the mailbox store and still retain the existing public store?  The public store won't mount but does report as clean.

Your help is much appreciated!!
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First - if it is urgent you shouldn't be posting here, especially on a Sunday. It is now eight hours after your post and no one has looked at it yet. Urgent issues should involve one task only - get your credit card out and call Microsoft.

The STM file is useless on its own. You should have moved both to the other partition.

Therefore the best you are going to be able to do is create new databases and replay the three months of logs. Everything else will be lost, unless your users have offline folders and can import the content.

What reason does it give for the public folder store failing to mount.

On Monday morning you will need to call your hardware supplier and purchase some backup hardware as well.


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If this is very urgent then I suggest you call Microsoft PSS to get help.

Why do you not have a backup you can recover?
You also need to look into why you don't have a valid backup.

There is a way to recreate the Exchange databases from logfiles in theory.
You must have EVERY logfile from the first day that Exchange was installed. Key word here is EVERY.
I have done this once in a lab environment. I only had 3 days worth of data to recover.
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