Dell Axim X51v Bluetooth connection Problem via Activesync 4.1

I use Trendnet TBW-101 Ub Dongle with BlueSoleil software on a Windows XP SP2 machine. Successfully discovered the device, and seemingly also successfully paired it (got the message that device was connected to COM7). However, got the message that the device was connected - and then, immediately - disconnected. Apart from that - nothing!
Please help!
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Follow the instructions in ActiveSync Help on the PC for configuring Bluetooth on your PC to support ActiveSync.
On the phone Home screen, click Start > ActiveSync.
Click Menu > Connect via Bluetooth. Ensure that the phone and PC are within close range.
If this is the first time you have connected to this PC via Bluetooth, you must complete the Bluetooth wizard on the phone and set up a Bluetooth partnership with the PC before synchronizing.
Click Sync.
When finished, click Menu > Disconnect Bluetooth.
To preserve battery power, turn off Bluetooth.

I suggest letting the device connect and setup a partnership using USB, and then establish an activesync session over bluetooth using the bluetooth mgr on the PDA as Mikal613 says. I and many others have experienced problems getting bluetooth activesync working without a prior relationship being established between the PDA and PC.

Also, I assume you did a bluetooth pairing, when you entered a pin code code on each side. I have also noticed that sometimes connection problems arise that were fixed by re-pairing the two devices.

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